Manpower of CCA

The operations of the CCA is governed the Articles of Association and is operated by the Executive Committee which consists of a Chairman, a group of  Vice Chairmen, a Honorary Secretary, a Honorary Treasurer and Members.

Members of the Executive Committee:

Honorary PresidentDr KF Tsang
ChairmanL M Chow (Director)
Vice ChairmenTommy Leung (Director)
Hon Secretary Henry Cheung (Director)
Hon Treasurer Tony Lee
EC Members CS Chang (Director)
Jacob Cheung (Director)
Eric Lui
Samson Tai
YH Shum
Morris Cheung

Fellow Member:

Billy Li
Yuen Ho Yin
Henry Cheung
Fred Ho
Melvin Nip


Alick Mak

Ordinary Member:

Jeans Koo

International Expert Committee

CCA is inviting the following persons as members for the International Expert Committee:

Stefan Mozar FIEEE