Objectives of CCA

Connected Cities Alliance (CCA) aims to be an internationally recognized organization in improving cities’ connectivity and sustainability. CCA achieves this goal through promoting a worldwide objective & quantitative IoT performance standard (i.e. IEEE P2668 and ISO 21451) that defines Compliance, Best practices, and Measurement.

The objectives of CCA are:

(a) To promote innovative information technology to facilitate the development of city’s connectivity for the betterment of living quality.

(b) To promote a standardized IoT infrastructure to facilitate the data sharing among the various IoT sensors and solutions, and to enhance interoperability and security.

(c) To promote the application of IoT standards and adoption of IDex logo among all sectors by supporting objective quantitative performance measurement, facilitating compliance and best practices, and granting professional and industrial awards.

(d) To facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to further improve the capability, quality, efficiency and agility of IoT services.

(e) To foster global collaboration on the development and adoption of IoT standards on compliance, best practices and measurement.

(f) To enhance professional standards in respect of IoT technology and innovation, and strengthen communications among related engineering professionals.