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Initiatives of CCA in 2022

CCA targets to implement the following initiatives in 2022: –

Pursue Real Life Collaborations in Mainland China

MOU’s have been signed with the following partners in Mainland China to enable CCA and these partners to jointly pursue collaboration projects: –

(i) China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (中國家電研究院)

The head office of this partner is located at 北京 but its servicing areas cover the whole China. The MOU has been signed and collaboration projects will be gradually developed.

(ii)        深圳投石科技訊息有限公司

This partner is located at Shenzhen (深圳). However, both parties are targeting to promote the application of the IDex assessment tools based on the IEEE standard P2668 to companies of various sectors in Great Bay Area. The MOU has been signed and the immediate targets are those start-up companies under incubation programs.

(iii)       中城新產業控股集團

This partner is located at Shenzhen (深圳).  but its servicing areas include the whole Guangdong province (廣東省)。The MOU has been signed. Based on the MOU, both parties will gradually pursue collaboration projects.

Note: – As impacted by the COVID 19 issue, the collaboration activities between CCA and the above organization have been temporarily suspended due to the difficulties in arranging cross border travels. The activities will be resumed after removal of the cross border restrictions, which are anticipated to happen in early 2022.

Pursuing Promotion and Certification to IoT Standard IEEE2668

  • CCA is positioned to be the promoter of IoT standards in both Hong Kong (HK) & Mainland China and ultimately to be the authority responsible for certification & assigning labels (IDex).
  • The IEEE has deferred the target date for announcing the 4G IoT standard to June / July 2022.
  • Similarly, the announcement of the 5G IoT standard is deferred to end 2022.

Collaboration with Other Professional Organizations (SCC, IET, HKIE, etc.)

  • CCA needs to build a strong foundation and networks with various stakeholders in order to promote IEEE2668 effectively.
  • After the formal announcement of the standard by June / July 2022, CCA will meet with professional institutions like HKIE, IET, IEEE, SCC, etc. to pursue collaborations (e.g. joint promotional programs).
  • In longer term, CCA will also target to pursue collaborations with the relevant professional bodies in Mainland China (e.g. 广東科協). 

Training Initiatives

(i) Course Collaboration with VTC / HKMU

The purposes of the training courses are to equip the IoT practitioners in the market with fundamental knowledge and theories about IEEE P2668 standard, cybersecurity and testing methods of IoT products. Practical training sessions will also be arranged for the trainees to experience cybersecurity testing in laboratory. More importantly, they will be given the opportunities to understand the practices, test plans, and certification related to IoT cybersecurity. 

The first training course has started on 22 Jan 2022. It is a 18-hour training course (9 hours on theories plus 9 hours on practical session). More training courses will be arranged afterwards

(ii) Tailored Made IEEE P2668 Training Courses for Corporations / Organizations

A few public utilities prefer having IEEE P2668 training courses tailor made to meet their specific organizational needs instead of attending the standard training courses. Discussions are undergoing between CCA and the utilities to sort out the detailed arrangement.

Tailored made course concept will be promoted to other corporations / organizations which have similar needs.

Real-Life Projects to Demonstrate the Application of IEEE P2668 Standard

A university team is assessing a Government project on the Sensor Compliance Development of Lift Safety Application complies with the latest internal standards and then assign an IDex rating accordingly. As an impartial party, CCA supports the university team by checking if their assessment and the assigned IDex rating comply with the latest version of the IEEE P2668 Standard. 

The first phase of the assessment project is more about interoperability and data accuracy. In the later part of 2022, another phase of the assessment may be conducted, which may cover data privacy, data security, sensor compliance, AI efficiency and performance, etc.

Acquiring Financial and Funding Supports

  • CCA aims at pursuing supports from some Institutional Funds. Currently, CCA is undergoing the process to apply for the Trade and Industrial Organization Support Fund.
  • Whilst CCA is positioned to help some organizations for certifying IoT facilities, issuing IDex labels and offering promotion / publicity services, it is expected such organizations will pay for such services of CCA. 

Communication with the relevant Bureaus / Departments the Hong Kong Government

  • CCA is in frequent dialogue with various Government Bureaus and Departments including Innovation & Technology Bureau, OGCIO, EMSD, etc. The purpose is to explore how CCA can support the innovation and technology development in Hong Kong, particularly how to apply the IEEE P2668 standard to support the technological development.
  • CCA will also pursue the incorporation of the IEEEP2668 standard into the Smart City Blue Print.

SCC Membership Development

  • CCA is establishing a comprehensive and clear membership structure to cover various stakeholders in the market.
  • After the formal launch of the IEEE P2668 standard by mid 2022, we will actively promote CCA and expand our membership base by recruiting various stakeholders and professionals in the innovation & technology markets to become CCA members.