Welcome to CCA

Connected Cities Alliance

Founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic engineering professionals, the Connected Cities Alliance (CCA) is a not-for-profit organization and is being registered as a limited company by guarantee in Hong Kong on 22 August 2019.

CCA aims to be an internationally recognized organization in improving cities’ connectivity and sustainability.  CCA achieves this goal through promoting a worldwide objective quantitative IoT (Internet of Things) performance standard that defines Compliance, Best practices, and Measurement.  

CCA aims to promote and create an objective, unique, transparent, and trustworthy IoT environment, which will aid consumers, companies and entities in reconciliation costs, efficiency of decision making, progress of international integration, and market integrity. Furthermore, CCA will facilitate an international integration, blending and innovation to evolve into better performance through its open platform for IoT objects.  IoT objects represent things or devices or the IoT systems.

With the rapid development of IoT networks, CCA reckons the importance of developing and adopting a universal standard, such as IEEE P2668 and ISO  21451, on measuring the maturity of IoT objects.  The standard stipulates the mechanism and specifications for evaluation, grading and ranking of the performance of IoT objects by using indicator values, referred as IoT Index (IDex).  IDex classifies the objects into multiple levels of performance and gives a quantitative indication on the performance of the object.  IDex also manifests guidance on blending of IoT objects to evolve into better performance.